Basic obedience: Training basic obedience is one of the most important basics. Exercises such as "Sit", "Down", "Stay", "Here" and "Heel" can help your dog to listen to you and respect you.

Drei Schäferhunde rennen gemeinsam über eine Wiese

Leash Walking: Leash walking is an important skill for dogs to learn. This is where the dog learns to walk beside you on a loose leash without pulling or drifting off. Start with short exercises in quiet environments and gradually work your way up to more difficult situations such as the city or busy parks.

Use positive reinforcement: positive reinforcement is key to successfully training your dog. Reward your dog for positive behavior by giving him treats or praise. Avoid punishing or physically harming your dog.

Be consistent: To be successful, you must be consistent and patient. Avoid changing the rules or sending mixed signals to your dog. If you keep up the training and remain consistent, your dog will progress more quickly.

Make the training interactive: make sure the training is interactive by involving your dog in the exercises and encouraging him to interact with you. This can help make training more interesting and fun for your dog.

Practice regularly: Regular training is the key to long-term success.

This course is considered a mandatory training course in the Canton of Zurich.


Small – group courses
Compulsory course, per 10 Less. incl. pass CHF 400.00

Kurspflicht im Überblick
Age of the dog - at the time of purchase or at the time of moving to the canton. Puppy training (min. 4 lessons) Young dog course (min. 10 lessons) Education course (min. 10 lessons)
8 - 16 weeks Yes Yes No
16 weeks to 18 months No Yes Yes
18 months to 8 years No No Yes
over 8 years No No No

unless the cantonal confirmation of puppy promotion is available

(Bookable from summer 2023)

If there are enough corresponding requests, the training can also be conducted in English.

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