Degility - a promising dog sport

Degility, a relatively new dog sport, represents a fascinating, challenging activity for your four-legged friend. It combines elements from various dog sports, such as agility and mobility, and specializes individual adaptation to each dog. Degility offers an excellent opportunity to develop your dog’s physical and mental abilities by focusing on coordination, self-confidence, and bonding between humans and dogs.

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An Australian Shepard is standing a bit sideways in a blue dog tunnel and is looking forward to it when he can run further

Basic Principles of Degility

Degility places excellent emphasis on individualizing your dog’s abilities and needs. It involves specific exercises and courses to develop your dog’s coordination, confidence, and bonding. Each class is designed to challenge the dog physically and mentally without overtaxing the four-legged. This sport is ideal for dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages.

The role of the course in Degility

The course in Degility provides your dog with various exercises that build his coordination and confidence. From simple obstacles like hurdles and tunnels to more complex elements like seesaws and slaloms, each course offers different challenges for your dog. You can explore the class with your dog and help them master the exercises.

The importance of self-confidence and bonding in Degility

An essential element of Degility is strengthening the bond between you and your four-legged friend and your dog’s self-confidence. Mastering the exercises and courses together can build your dog’s confidence while strengthening his bond with you. The focus on the relationship between humans and dogs makes Degility a valuable dog sport.

How degility builds coordination and other skills

Degility can help your dog improve his coordination and other crucial skills. The various exercises in the course encourage your dog to move in different ways while improving his coordination. In addition, Degility can also develop your dog’s skill, endurance, and mental agility.

Degility – A sport for every dog

A particular advantage of Degility is that it can be adapted to any dog. Any dog can benefit from Degility, regardless of age, size, or breed. Whether your dog is already active in sports or just starting to train, Degility offers him the opportunity to improve his skills and have fun at the same time.

Questions and answers about Degility

Degility is a dog sport that combines elements of agility and mobility. It emphasizes individual adaptation and training for the dog and promotes their coordination, confidence, and bonding with humans.

Degility is suitable for dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages. Because of the customizable course and different exercises, almost any dog can benefit from Degility.

Degility can help build your dog’s coordination, confidence, and bonding. In addition, it provides your dog with a mental and physical challenge and encourages its agility, stamina, and cognitive flexibility.

To get started with Degility, you should contact a dog school or trainer with experience with this sport. They can help you, the owner, set up a suitable course and show you how to guide your dog through the various exercises.

For Degility, you will need various equipment to create the course, such as hurdles, tunnels, seesaws, or slalom poles. You will need enough space to set up the class – we recommend the training yard for this. A good understanding of your dog and his abilities is essential to adapt the course and exercises to him.


Subscription for 5 lessons CHF 165.00
Subscription for 10 lessons CHF 300.00

Entry into the course is possible on an ongoing basis.
Course with at least 3 participants

Training Weekly, from 07.04.2024, at 09.30 am
Training ground: SKG Reckenholz, Zurich – Affoltern
Meeting point: SKG Reckenholz parking lot / we walk to the site together

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