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A golden retriver stands on a stone in a meadow and sniffs it

The importance of a professional dog trainer and one-on-one coaching

A dog trainer with experience is an indispensable partner in one-on-one training for your dog. She has the knowledge and expertise to assess your dog’s behavior and recommend interventions. Choosing a trainer is critical to addressing your and your dog’s needs.

Coaching can help dog owners understand and better manage their dogs’ behavior. You will learn how to adjust your behavior to achieve your dog’s desired responses through one-on-one coaching. It can help prevent misunderstandings and allow for a healthy and happy life together.

Individual training

One-on-one training lasts 60 minutes per lesson. You should allow between 90 and 180 minutes for the first one-on-one appointment.

Subsequent appointments last about 60 minutes.
from CHF 100.00 per 60 minutes

Travel: free of charge up to 15 km from Boppelsen. If the journey is further, CHF 1.50 per kilometer will be charged.

The training can also be conducted in English.

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