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a labrador runs through a woman's legs, the woman looks down in amazement at the dog and has her arms outstretched

Breed selection: Which dog suits me?

The choice of breed is an essential factor when buying a four-legged friend. Each dog breed has its characteristics and needs. A border collie needs a lot of exercise and activity, while a bulldog is more of a quiet roommate. Therefore, consider which breed fits your lifestyle and ideas about dog ownership.

The place to buy: shelter or breeder?

There are many ways to acquire a dog. Both professional breeders specialize in certain breeds and sell puppies. Animal shelters house dogs of different ages and breed looking for a new home. Both options have additional advantages and disadvantages. With a reputable breeder, you can ensure the puppies are healthy and well-socialized. A dog from a shelter allows you to give an animal a new, loving home.

Questions about buying a dog

Choosing the right breed depends on several factors, including lifestyle, living situation, and dog experience. A person who likes to spend much time outdoors would do well with an active, endurance breed like a Border Collie or Labrador Retriever. An older person living in an apartment without a yard might do better with a calmer, less active breed like a pug or French bulldog.

Puppies are cute, and raising them from the beginning can be very satisfying. However, it is also a big responsibility that requires a lot of patience and perseverance. An adult dog may already know some basic commands and is usually calmer and less energetic than a puppy. However, it should be noted that adult dogs from shelters sometimes have traumatic experiences and may need special care and attention.

The cost of a dog can vary greatly depending on breed, age, health, and origin. In addition to the initial cost, you should consider the cost of food, veterinarian, insurance, dog tax, and dog training school, if applicable.

Dogs require a lot of time and attention. Daily they need to be fed, groomed, and walked. They need employment, training, and social interaction. You should remember that dogs don’t like to be alone, so arrangements must be made for them when you are at work or traveling.

Raising a dog requires patience, consistency, and lots of praise. You should teach your dog basic commands and reward him for good behavior. Attending a dog school or hiring a professional dog trainer is advisable.


During the consultation we will address your questions and wishes individually. You determine the duration of the consultation. You should reserve about 90 minutes for the initial consultation. If necessary, this can be extended.

from CHF 100.00 per 60 minutes

Travel: free of charge up to 15 km from Boppelsen. If the journey is further – also for individual training – CHF 1.50 per kilometer will be charged.

The consultation can also be conducted in English.

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