Compulsory dog training in the canton of Zurich

New dog law and Dog Ordinance Canton of Zurich from 1. June 2022 – POSTPONED In the canton of Zurich, there is a mandatory course requirement for certain breeds and dogs.

The means that certain dog courses must be attended and completed with these dogs.
The current regulation (as of January 1, 2022) is valid until May 31, 2022.

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As of June 1, 2022, an updated Dog Law and Dog Ordinance should come into effect,
which provides for mandatory training for all breeds and dogs in the Canton of Zurich.

UPDATE March 2022: Due to objections, the new dog ordinance HuV ZH.
however, did not come into force in 2022. This means that the existing ordinance
is also in force beyond June 1, 2022. A date when the new HuV ZH will come into force is currently
is currently (February 2023) still not known!

Mandatory dog courses in the canton of Zurich up to and including
31 May 2022

In the canton of Zurich, all dogs that are not considered small in stature must complete a cantonally
recognized training. A dog is considered – regardless of size or weight – only
only if both parents can be proven to be of small stature. The
final list of small breeds can be found on the website of the veterinary
Veterinary Office Zurich.

Attention: “Small in stature” is not the same as the classification “small” in AMICUS. The
size classification at AMICUS is therefore not decisive with regard to the
training obligation for your dog.

An overview of the current (as of February 2023) compulsory training for dog owners in the canton of Zurich:

Course obligation at a glance

Age of the dog - at the time of purchase or at the time of moving to the canton. Puppy training (min. 4 lessons) Young dog course (min. 10 lessons) Education course (min. 10 lessons)
8 - 16 weeks Yes Yes No
16 weeks to 18 months No Yes Yes
18 months to 8 years No No Yes
over 8 years No No No

unless the cantonal confirmation of puppy promotion is available

This table is taken from the website of the Veterinary Office of the Canton of Zurich, where a lot more information is published in this regard.

Do I have to take a compulsory course with my dog in the canton of Zurich?

With the course guide for dog owners you can easily and quickly find out whether you and your dog have to complete a compulsory course.
dog has to complete a compulsory course and shows you which dog courses in the canton of
canton of Zurich are obligatory for you and your dog.

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