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Tanwyn comes from the Celtic and means white fire.
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About me

Eva Heidenreich

Born 18.03.1980 – Hotel manageress with diploma
– Management specialist with diploma
– Working in the hotel industry since 1996 incl. various management tasks
– Managing owner of Tanwyn GmbH
– Dog trainer
– Degility trainer

My trainings:

2020 – 2022
ATN Behavioral Consultant with additional focus in:
– Expressive Behavior
– Learning & Education
– Ontogenesis (from puppy to adult dog)
– Behavioral training – Anti-hunting training
– tricks & occupations

2022 – 2023
ATN dog trainer incl. certificate at the veterinary office for obligatory dog courses
Massage on dogs

Planned from 2023
Education as fitness trainer & health coach
Degilety Trainer

Parallel I am as a coach partner with the SKG Zurich – Affoltern since March 2022 in the practice and training of
Dog – Human Teams with focus on:
– Behaviorally challenged dogs
– young dog
– Fun & Employment

My main focus:

Private lessons & counseling sessions

  • Difficult dogs, dogs with problem behavior.
  • Raising puppies, young dogs, family dogs.
  • Developing models for conflict resolution, encouraging frustration tolerance and impulse control.
  • Practicing real-life situations.
  • Multiple dog management
  • Advice on breeds and fit
  • Puppy one-on-one training

I am especially passionate about our “little ones”.

Weekly group courses

  • additionally also Via SKG Zurich Affoltern

My core competencies

  • Dogs with corners & edges
  • Puppies, young dogs, family dogs
  • Dog activity / tricks
  • Fitness / Health

Eva Heidenreich & why Tanwyn?

I owe the decision to train and then become self-employed to my two small dogs. dogs….

Until 3 years ago, the flame of “unfavorable” characteristics sometimes blazed a little higher with you….

Often I felt misunderstood. Everything I tried didn’t work out and somehow I did not find anyone who could help me at the time.

When my dogs’ behavior increased to the unbearable for me, I knew I had to do something. On the one hand, I started training as a dog behavior consultant at the ATN and on the other hand I found two trainers who supported me on the way.

I don’t want to claim that everything is perfect today – by no means!
But we have worked together to improve over the last few months. I had to learn that many misunderstandings and behavioral errors of my dogs, were my fault –
among other things no to hardly education of the dogs – on the other hand the dogs had to learn that it is much more

more beautiful to do something together with me, instead of always going into “quarrel” with me.

Today my male dog (after 3 years) can snuggle up to me on the sofa and sleep comfortably – which was not possible. We go together to the Nadac and work there as a team us slowly but steadily forward. My little dog has discovered how great it is to practice tricks with her mistress and we are constantly working on
rehearsing something new.

I would like to emphasize that dogs are living beings. With their own character, with their personal weaknesses and strengths.
I would like to teach them to see the strengths in our dogs and that we as humans have the task to support and
to support and encourage them in their weaknesses.

The dog alone cannot change, but we have to help him and do our job as a social partner.

This is what I stand for!

What connects our dogs with fire?

Every dog has a flame burning inside – a flame of trust in man, of joy, of emotions.

But the flame also stands for what we don’t like to see.
Snarling at the garden fence, barking at other dogs on the walk when the human is away – loud barking in the house.
is away – barking loudly in the house, pulling on the leash and much more.

I have made it my mission to coach these somewhat “unfavorable” traits so that only the flame of togetherness blazes.

I work with:

Mutual respect
– Trust
– Cooperation
– Achieving goals together
– But also consequently going through the daily routine

Rewards must not be missing in everyday life and training.
But sometimes a touch of the human, his attention to the dog and also his understanding is
is worth more than any treat or game.
I understand a common cooperation, in which one uses all possibilities, which are to one at the disposal to achieve an optimal result.


Tanwyn stands for:

  • Approaches to solutions for everyday life.
  • Expansion of partnership cooperation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Promoting frustration tolerance & impulse control.
  • Clear goals, clear boundaries
  • Education about the nature of the dog
  • Solution approaches for everyday life

Already read many books about dog training? And never found the right way to put what you have read into practice?
to put into practice? What good is a book if you do not know how to deal with what you have learned. I work out methods together with you that are suitable for everyday life.

Expansion of the partnership cooperation

We want independent dogs that go through life together with head and heart. Together with you and your dog to set a framework in which he can move and act out.

Conflict resolution

How many times have you been in a situation where neither you nor your dog knew what to do? Conflicts are not always negative, but can also sometimes be just something small like, “Do I go up to the other dog or do I start the retreat?” And often such small conflicts turn into unpleasant encounters. But we also address the big conflicts together.

Promoting frustration tolerance & impulse control.

A frustrated dog can’t go through life “loose ” fluffy” – in that respect, we humans are quite similar to the dog. But just like a human, a dog can learn to deal with frustration – to put up with things. And and then discover something exciting again. A healthy frustration tolerance and impulse control make living together easier. living together.

Clear goals, clear boundaries.

Almost like raising children. Only when a dog knows where it’s “at” can it decide on behavior. decide. Without boundaries, without goals, he will drift aimlessly – resulting in many unpleasant situations. Together we discuss what your goals and limits are and implement them in a way that is suitable for everyday life.

Clarification around the nature “dog”.

Why do we have dogs today? For what were you once bred and which characteristics result from this? It is my heartfelt task to support you and your dog in all questions around the topic “dog”. care for you.

What do I wish for?

A conscious perception of the wonderful creatures that we are allowed to have at our side. Who give us their life, who accompany us in every situation and faithfully bind their hearts to us.

In this sense: Welcome to Hunde – Mensch Tanwyn!

Would you like more information about Tanwyn and the philosophy?

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